Services of Ashley Heath Watson Interior Designer

Interior Design Services

Color Consultations

Paint color is a great and inexpensive way to make a huge change in your space. The right colors can bring life and personality to your home, while the right application of these colors can accent architectural features and really make a statement. Don't live another day with boring white walls or a paint color you are less than thrilled with, get a professional color consultation and bring your space to the next level.


The world of remodeling can be overwhelming to say the least. Hiring a professional designer can save you time, money, and quite possibly your sanity. Services include:

Furniture & Décor

The furniture in your home should not only look good, but be functional as well. A professional interior designer has limitless options of wholesale vendors at their fingertips. This means you get access to countless furniture pieces that you normally would not, and all at a lower cost point. A good designer can also blend in vintage and retail pieces to bring a look together. Don’t bother with matching furniture store sets again; get a custom look for any budget.

Decorating is the finishing touch for any space. The decor of a room is what makes it feel like home and hiring a professional designer can really bring everything together seamlessly. From area rugs to throw pillows, table lamps to picture frames, these are the finishing touches that add your personality to your space. Sometimes all you need is help styling decor you already own, and other times you may need a personal shopper. Whatever the case is, there is no job too large or small. Your home should reflect you and your life, and bring a smile to your face when you walk in the door.

Developer Services

Are you a developer who is in need of a little design flair for your properties? Look no further. With the help of a professional designer your properties will stand out from all others. Lets face it, the market is overloaded with rehabbed properties that all basically look the same. You need your property to speak to potential buyers, and that is exactly what a designer can do for you. With the right paint colors, finish selections, and attention to detail, potential buyers will feel at home the minute they walk through the door.